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Travel Vaccination

Infectious diseases within Canada or while traveling abroad can cause serious health problems and are commonly associated with significant healthcare costs overseas. My-choice health service offers advice and preventive treatments including travel vaccinations. It is recommended to seek advice as soon as you know your travel plans ideally 8-12 weeks before your departure because some vaccinations require a course of injections, but it is never too late. It is always useful to seek advice even if your travel is very short notice.

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Travel Health Risks

Traveling to different parts of the world for any reason including leisure, visiting family back home, pilgrimage, studying or business matters may expose Canadians to different infectious diseases risks. Therefore, it is recommended to seek advice well in advance before travel. Some diseases in different parts of the world can be life-threatening for Canadians visiting abroad due to a lack of immunity or inadequate preventive measures.

Common risks to travelers include malaria, other mosquito-borne infections, meningitis, cholera, hepatitis, traveler’s diarrhea, yellow fever, pneumonia, animal bites, and much more specific to the area of the world. A detailed and updated list of the diseases can be accessed at and

Plan Early

My-Choice Health service will help you to prepare for a healthy and safe trip to any overseas destination. A dedicated travel advice consultation can always be booked with a qualified physician at My-Choice health service for individuals and families.

Enjoy your trip abroad and return home healthy.

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