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Sports Medicine Service

My-Choice Health service has a team of enthusiastic sports physicians who can get you back to your passion in full motion safely and as early as possible. Please be aware that you will still need to be assessed by Emergency Room Physician in the hospital, if necessary, after the acute injury. My-Choice Health service can take care of your injury after the initial emergency evaluation. My-Choice Health service Physicians provide a comprehensive sports medicine consultation which includes a detailed history and clinical examination, further investigations as necessary, medical treatment planning, sports-related rehabilitation, and advice regarding successful return to pre-injury.

Gymnast Upside Down

Over Use Injuries

Chronic pain can result from certain sporting activities and may stop one from continuing a particular sporting activity. They are usually called “Chronic overuse Injuries”. The most common examples include Tendinopathies, Rotator cuff tendinosis with or without partial tears, swimmers’ shoulder, Tennis Elbow, Golfer’s Elbow, ligament strains, sprains, Shin splints, runners’ knee, stress fractures, heel inflammation. These are common in all ages of the sporting community. These injuries have been a challenge to treat particularly among the mature sporting generations which have resulted in early sports cessation.

Sports Medicine Consultation

You can call to book a sports medicine Consultation with our Sports physicians for individualized evaluation and advice.

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